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Name Description
Document What To Bring 2018-Front & Back What To Bring To your Appointment
Document ACA Health Care Coverage & PTC Questionnaire ACA Health Care Coverage & PTC Questionnaire
Document ACA Exemption Worksheet ACA Exemption Worksheet
Document DEDUCTION FINDER 2018 Deduction Finder
Document Dependent Info Sheet Dependent Info Sheet
Document Filing Status Questionnaire Filing Status Worksheet
Document BUSINESS Organizer Worksheet for Business Income & Expenses
Document Rental Organizer Worksheet for Rental Income & Expenses
Document Farm Organizer Worksheet for Farm Income & Expenses
Document Auto Expense Organizer Worksheet for Auto Expenses
Document Non Cash Donation Fair_Market_Value_Guide Non Cash Donation Fair Market Value Guide
Document Valuation Guide for Non Cash Donations Valuation Guide for Non-Cash Donations
Document MINISTERS – Housing Allowance Checklist Worksheet for Ministers Housing Expenses
Document MINISTERS – Ministry Expense Worksheet Ministers Expense Worksheet
Document MINISTERS –  Contribution Statement Ministers Contribution Statement
Document Gambling Log Gambling Log
Document How To Choose A Tax Preparer Article